Santa Maria Style Barbeque Catering
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A Little History on Santa Maria Style Barbeque

Santa Maria Style Barbeque is truly the authentic taste experience. This sumptuous feast of barbequed sirloin, salsa,
Pinquito beans, toasted French bread and green salad has been called by Sunset Magazine, the "best barbeque in the World"
and the California Visitor's Guide raves this as the "number one food experience not to be missed while visiting California."
It is the featured cuisine at all festive occasions, both public and private, and so thoroughly ingrained in local culture
that it truly has become a way of life.

Santa Maria Barbeque has its roots in the mid-nineteenth century when the rancheros gathered to help each other
brand their calves each spring. The host would prepare a Spanish style barbeque as a thank you for his Vaqueros
(Americas first Cowboys), family and friends. Under the oaks of this serene little coastal valley they would enjoy traditional
feast that included beef barbequed over red oak fire, served with Pinquito beans, bread, salsa and homemade desserts.

The present Santa Maria Style Barbeque grew out of this tradition, and achieved its "style" some 60 years ago
when Santa Maria residents began to string their beef on skewers and cook it over the hot coals of a red oak fire.
Either top block sirloin or "tri-tip", is rolled in a mixture of salt, pepper and garlic salt just prior to cooking.
It is then barbequed over red oak, giving the meat a hearty, smoky flavor.

about Restaurant

On October 2009 we closed our restaurant “INCAHOOTS BBQ” in Plymouth, Ca.
We moved to the Trinity River on hwy 299 for a few years and ran a bed & breakfast and road side BBQ.
We are now back doing catering and BBQ events around the area, On site, Pick up or Drop off.

If you were one of our customers or have been to Incahoots restaurant we want you to know how much we appreciated your patronage through the years we had a lot of fun. We've posted some pictures you might remember.

Getting ready for a patio party at Incahoots
Tom's Race Truck with friends of the same color
At the Zin Fest wine paring with Karly Winery in San Francisco

Special thanks to all of our loyal employees you know who you are we could not have done it without you.
Love to All, Tom & Pam Krumbholz

Tri-Tip A Unique Cut of Meat

Image of Tri-Tip

In the early sixties, Santa Marians noticed how much meat was being wasted using the rib steaks, and felt that something should be done to lower food costs. So they started experimenting with other cuts which would not be so costly. As a result, Top Block Sirloin was discovered. This cut of beef is used when cooking for large groups of people.
Before the mid-sixties, tri-tip was practically considered scrap, not good for anything other than stew meat or hamburger. The tri-tip roast is a boneless cut from the bottom sirloin. It is also called a “triangle” roast because of its shape. This cut is used for family bar-becues, as the cuts are smaller..